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How To Sharpen A Chainsaw- Effective Tips and Tricks

Is your chainsaw not working as well as it should? It probably means that your chainsaw chain is already dull. So what do you do if that happens? Do you replace the chain? Well, you may do that if you’ve got a big budget to spend on your chainsaw, but personally, I’d just learn how to sharpen a chainsaw chain.


If it’s your first time using a chainsaw, then you probably don’t know how to sharpen it, and that’s totally understandable! That’s why I will provide a few chainsaw sharpening tips that I personally use on my own powerful Stihl chainsaw. Of course, my chainsaw sharpening tricks also work for other brands aside from Stihl so you don’t have to worry that they’ll not work for you.

Why Sharpen Saw Chains

Before we get to the actual guide, I’d like to first emphasize the need to sharpen your saw chains. What happens when the chainsaw is worn out and how to keep it sharpened?

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