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How To Remove BaseBoard – Step-By-Step Instruction

Trying to remove a poorly installed baseboard? Perhaps, the molding is already damaging your wall or your floor. Or maybe, you just want to replace it with a newer and better design. If you want to do the job without asking any professional for help, then you only have to arm yourself with the right tools and the proper knowledge.

The baseboard is that plastic or wood that covers the joint between the floor and walls. It might also include any present shoe molding. Professionals know how to remove wooden baseboards without damaging the material, thus, making it possible for you to reuse the plastic or wood. You can do so, too. What’s more is that you can avoid damaging the wall or the floor.

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How To Remove Spray Paint From Plastic – All You Need To Know

Spray painting plastic is a burdensome task, but not as burdensome as trying to remove the same paint from the material. Plastic, unlike ceramic, wood, or metal, needs to be given more attention, so it will not break. It is highly vulnerable, and a wrong solvent can damage or even melt it. Moreover, many solvents in the market are catered to removing paint from metal or wood, which are inappropriate choices. If you are to remove spray paint from plastic, you need to make sure that you are using the safest and most effective method. Here’s a guide to help you do it.

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How To Remove Shower Drain Cover – Things You Need To Know

Can you remember the last time you made a general check-up around your shower room? The last thing you want is to be caught off-guard with a number of drain monsters lurking in your shower drain especially when you have kids living underneath the same roof. Just imagine the dose of hair going right down to your shower drain every single day.

shower drain cover hair stuck

It is terrible wh​en the shower drain cover stuck

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