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Best Wood Glue Reviews – What Type of Wood Glue Do You Need for Your Woodworking Project?

Do you need to some basic repairs and fixes in your home? Perhaps, you are constantly working on new woodworking projects. If you are, then you might need a wood glue in store. Wood glue can work on any windows, doors, decks, panels, and other pieces made of wood. How fast and how long the glue stays on the wood would depend on its quality. 

The best wood glue will not only help in bonding wood, but it can also bond other types of surfaces. You can use it to repair damaged woodwork, fill gaps in wooden floor, get two joint pieces together, and more. But how do you tell high strength wood glue from low-quality ones?

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PVA Glue – Why You Need It And What You Are Looking For

You might have used Michael Elmer’s Glue gallon at least once in your life. Is PVA glue the same as Elmer’s glue? Well, it is actually a type of PVA-based glue. And like most types of PVA glue, its main chemical component is polyvinyl acetate.

German Fritz Klatte discovered polyvinyl acetate in 1912, which leads to the invention of glue that does not smell or give off dangerous fumes. In other words, the glue can be handled with your bare hands. You can use it on chipboards, plywoods, and MDFs. Flexible and versatile, you can use it as a primer, performance sealer, dustproofer, and bonding agent. 

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