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5 Signs Of A Dull Saw Chain You Need To Know

I’ve been in the woodworking business for quite some time, and I’ve found that the beauty of using a chainsaw is that it can get the job done quickly. Yes, it is pretty rough and tough to handle. However, the way the chainsaw sears its way through the wood is just poetry in motion for an old lumberjack like me.


One question that a lot of newbie chainsaw users tend to ask me is: What happens when the chainsaw can’t get the job done like it’s supposed to? What if it can’t cut through the wood and get stuck in position? When that happens, it’s either you’ve bought a defective chainsaw or it’s showing signs of a worn out chainsaw. That said, you should check for signs of a dull saw chain. Then, you’ll know when to replace the chainsaw chain.

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A Guide on How to Avoid Chainsaw Accident

Although a chainsaw is useful for cutting trees and tearing apart lumber, they’re pretty dangerous if you don’t know how to use them properly. In fact, I know quite a few lumberjacks who have already gotten into a really bad chainsaw accident simply because they didn’t observe all the necessary safety precautions-- and these guys aren’t experts on cutting down a tree! This goes to show that no matter how good you are at handling the chainsaw, you won’t be safe from any accidents if you don’t stay careful.

I’ve prepared a short tutorial on the safe handling of a chainsaw for beginners. That way, we can avoid all nasty accidents.


Dangers of the Chainsaw

What makes a chainsaw dangerous? While there are many possible chainsaw dangers that you may experience when using the machine, the most common cause is mishandling. 

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How To Sharpen A Chainsaw- Effective Tips and Tricks

Is your chainsaw not working as well as it should? It probably means that your chainsaw chain is already dull. So what do you do if that happens? Do you replace the chain? Well, you may do that if you’ve got a big budget to spend on your chainsaw, but personally, I’d just learn how to sharpen a chainsaw chain.


If it’s your first time using a chainsaw, then you probably don’t know how to sharpen it, and that’s totally understandable! That’s why I will provide a few chainsaw sharpening tips that I personally use on my own powerful Stihl chainsaw. Of course, my chainsaw sharpening tricks also work for other brands aside from Stihl so you don’t have to worry that they’ll not work for you.

Why Sharpen Saw Chains

Before we get to the actual guide, I’d like to first emphasize the need to sharpen your saw chains. What happens when the chainsaw is worn out and how to keep it sharpened?

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Chainsaw Maintenance – A Guide On How To Do It Right

chainsaw maintenance introduction

There are various perils involved when one is learning how to cut down a tree with a faulty chainsaw. When you see signs of damage in your equipment, you have to have it fixed right away. But do you know that you could avoid causing serious damage in your chainsaw if you follow regular maintenance routine?

Before, I didn’t consistently check my chainsaw, and I paid for it by having it fixed regularly. In just a year, I needed to replace my chainsaw because no amount of fixing could restore it back to its original condition. Chainsaw maintenance allows you to prevent this from happening.

So how can you keep your chainsaw in good condition?

Chainsaw Maintenance Tools

chainsaw maintenance tools

Before we proceed to the tips that are necessary in maintaining your chainsaw, let’s prepare the necessary chainsaw maintenance tools first:


You need a round file to sharpen the teeth of your chainsaw. Usually, most chains will specify the size of file that you can use. So, it’s best that you read the manual or ask the manufacturer about this detail.


Before you start operating with your chainsaw, you need to secure it in a clamp-on vice. This will keep the chainsaw in its place and avoid any potential danger.


In adjusting your chainsaw’s raker height, you will need a raker-specific gauge and a filing tool.

Spare chains

In cases when the chain is broken, you might need to replace it altogether. Thus, keep a spare chain in hand.

Chainsaw Maintenance Tips

chainsaw maintenance tips

Once you have everything you need, you can follow these chainsaw maintenance and repair tips:

1. Ensure the chain is kept sharp

Keeping the chain sharp is an ideal strategy for maintaining the chainsaw. You need to note that chains get brunt often. Form a habit of checking whether the chains have bent chain links. In case there are chain damages, substitute the chain before using it again.

2. Tension the chainsaw chain

After a long period of operation, chainsaw chains tend to stretch and sage on the guide bar. If you allow it to stay loose, it can come off the bar. Adjust the tensioning screw, which is located in the side of the guide bar.

3. Regularly clean the air and fuel filters

An air filter curbs dust particles from intruding the engine. Meanwhile, the fuel filter screens dirt and rust from the fuel. Both of these need to be cleaned well. In case they are worn out, it is advisable to replace them. If possible, they need fixing every after ninety days of use.

4. Use the proper and fresh gasoline

It is imperative to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for correct gasoline as well as oil mixtures. You need to minimize the chances of damaging your chainsaw, which happens when you use the wrong gasoline mixtures.

An engine may fail if there is inadequate lubrication. On the other hand, excess oil can block the spark arrestor.

5. Repair broken parts

Any broken part of a chainsaw needs to be repaired right away. Otherwise, it will damage other parts as well. The worst thing that could happen is that you’ll no longer be able to use the chainsaw anymore. If you are not adept in repairing a chainsaw, it’s best that you leave the task to a professional.

6. Routine Cleaning of the battery

For a battery-driven chainsaw, it is advisable that you check the owner’s manual for battery cleaning tips. Recharge the cells every time they run out of power. You also need to replace the batteries in case they are damaged. One can consult a specialist on techniques in cleaning the battery terminals.

7. Replacing Spark Arrestors

Spark arrestors are typically situated within the engine's muffler. The material used in manufacturing the sparks arrestors is the fiberglass, which is designed exceptionally in such a manner that it can only be replaced and not fixed. It is advisable to consider replacing the spark arrestors on a regular basis.

8. Regular applications of a degreaser

A degreaser is essential when it comes to cooling of the engine. Engines tend to get hot when you use the chainsaw for a long time. Thus, you need to keep it cool. Allow the degreaser to settle for more than ten minutes before being wiping it with a clean fabric. It is also essential to use the hose to clean the equipment and leave it dry before the next application.

9. Regularly inspect the loose screws and bolts of your chainsaw

When the bolts and screws of chainsaw become loose, your chainsaw may fail to function properly. Using the equipment will also become dangerous. Thus, you need to inspect the bolts and screws before and after you use the chainsaw.


Maintaining your chainsaw in perfect condition is essential. The chainsaw maintenance checklist above can help you prolong the lifespan of your chainsaw and improve its performance.

Sharpening Chainsaw Chain And Why It Is Important

Keeping your chainsaw chains sharp should always be part of your chainsaw maintenance routine. While most beginners would rather use the chain until it’s time to buy a new one, I’d prefer to learn how to sharpen chainsaw chain from time to time. This helps me save a lot of money.

I’ve noticed that if I use my chainsaw when the blades are even slightly dull, my cuts don’t look as good as they normally are. Other than that, the chainsaw makes all kinds of noises and vibrations. This is most likely due to the pressure it’s putting on my chainsaw’s engine. That’s why I always keep my chainsaw sharpened like a sword, and you should too.

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How To Cut Down A Tree Using A Chainsaw – Professional Tips and Tricks

We’ve had this silver maple tree in our backyard since we had moved into our new house five years ago. It seemed harmless and a good place to put up a treehouse for our daughter, so we let it be. That is until one stormy day. We were inside the house, and the maple tree sounded like it was ready to crush us alive. The only option then was to cut it down. Well, this did not prove to be safe either.

I’ve been cutting trees for a living for more than five years now, and I knew exactly what I had to do to get rid of the maple tree. If you are in the same situation as I had been, here are some tips that you can use:

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The Ultimate Logger’s Guide: How to Measure a Chainsaw Chain

Measuring a chainsaw chain is actually the process of determining the gauge and the pitch of a chainsaw chain. In this article, the process of how to measure a chainsaw chain will be discussed extensively.

A chainsaw chain or a cutting chain is an important component of any chainsaw. Chains are usually made up of steel links that have been held together using rivets. They have flat drive links on the inner part of the chain loop that help in retaining the chain on the bar and sharp cutting teeth on the outer part. It is important to know that there are different types of chains. Some of them are described below.

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What’s The Best Electric Chainsaw In The Market

Electric chainsaws are usually lightweight, thus easy to use, especially if you only want to perform yard tasks. The best electric chainsaw in the market is one with the best features and qualities. It should be light, but not light enough to compromise its stability. It should be easy to control so even those with mobility issues can maneuver it without any problem. It should be quiet and it should not be able to harm the environment.

Generally, electric chainsaws offer better and more choices in terms of power and size than gas chainsaws. With so much to choose from, it can be taxing to pick the best one for your needs. What you should do is to read reviews and ask for unbiased advice. To help you with this, we’ll list down the top 5 electric chainsaws in the market today, give you a preview of their specifications, and offer a detailed review of their features.​

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How To Find The Best Professional Battery Powered Chainsaw

A best professional chainsaw can be one of your best investment, but only if you’ve chosen the right one. The problem is that there are too many choices in the market. Evaluating each one of them according to durability, efficiency, and comfort can be time-consuming.

The best professional chainsaw is one that fits your needs perfectly. That means that what works for one may not work so well for the other. Thus, opinions regarding the best professional chainsaw often differ. However, there are 5 that greatly stands out from the rest.

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