How To Remove Paint From Concrete

Accidentally dripping paint on the concrete may feel like it is going to be a permanent stain – a mess that would constantly remind you of your clumsiness, especially when it is a huge blob on the floor. However, there are easy steps on how to remove paint from concrete. Although it may be a tedious task, you will be able to strip off the paint with the use of proper products.


Remove a Small Paint Mess from concrete

What Will You Need

  • Broom or vacuum: Before you begin the stripping of the paint, you need to clean the area first. A broom or vacuum can remove any debris, dust, or particles that could be an annoyance during the removing process.

  • Scraper or Brush: This will be needed when you scrap off any loose paint before you apply chemicals.

  • Paint Stripper: This is one of the most effective items to use when you want instant paint removal. You can choose from a water-based type or an oil-based type of paint stripper. Check your paint beforehand for a more effective outcome.

  • Hose and Water: This is used to beam water, your cleansing agent, at the paint mess for finishing.

  • Rag: The rag will be used as a cleaning and drying material for wet surfaces.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1 - Prepare the Area

Before you apply your cleaning solution, you need to make sure that the surrounding is cleared off of any dirt. First, remove any nearby items of furniture that might be a nuisance. Make a huge clearing on the affected concrete floor and use your vacuum or broom to dust off the dirt.

Preparing the area is crucial because you would not want to expose any furniture nearby with the strong paint stripper and you would certainly don’t want tiny particles or debris to hamper your removing process.

Step 2 - Brush or Scrape Loose Paint

This step could be skipped, but brushing or scraping any excess paint will save you from using too much paint stripper later. Paint strippers can be really irritating when you are highly exposed, so it is much better if you use less of it.

Step 3 - Apply Paint Stripper Solution

Depending on the type of paint you are removing, you could purchase the oil-based or the water-based paint strippers. If you are not that sure about the paint type, it is safe that you just get the oil-based one. Once settled, check the instructions of the paint stripper because every brand varies from one another. Some may require a longer duration of exposure (1 up to 8 hours) while other can already be done within a couple of minutes.

Step 4 - Use Pressure from Water to Remove Paint

By the time that the paint is already loose, use a hose to remove the paint by beaming a water jet onto it. This is applicable mostly to outdoor places like the patio or garage. If the paint mess happens to be inside, you can just use a brush or scrub, but this will come with effort and time.

Step 5 - Repeat the Process when Needed

Your first application may not always be successful. If necessary, repeat the process again until the paint is totally removed.

Step 6 - Clean the Surface for Finishing

The paint on the concrete is already removed at this point, so to remove the paint stripper excess, you could beam another jet of water or wipe off any remaining traces of the chemicals with a rug.

For A Tougher Paint Mess

removing paint from concrete

What Will You Need

All the items listed above are still included when dealing with tougher paint. You will only need these additional items:

  • Grounded Clay or Cat Litter: Tougher and thicker paint needs an absorbent material for it to be successfully removed by the paint stripper. If you don’t have finely ground clay, you can use cat litter as a substitute as long as you crush it into a fine powder.
  • Mixing Basin: Your mixing basin will serve as your container when you combine the clay or cat litter to your paint stripper.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1 - Make your Absorbent Paint Stripper

With your paint stripper, add an abundant amount of either clay or cat litter on a mixing basin. Keep mixing until you get that thick consistency.

Step 2 - Slather the Paste onto the Concrete

Make a layer of the mixture that covers the affected concrete completely. Leave it according to your paint stripper’s instructions.

Step 3 - Scrape off the Paste

Because you are using an absorbent material, when you scrape off the paste, the paint will come off with it, too. If not taken off completely, repeat the process.

Step 4 - Clean the Surface for Finishing

Wipe off any remaining residue of the paste by brushing or using a rug.

Additional Tips

If you want a safer and faster way to do the task, you can follow the tips below:

Paint strippers are effective enough to remove paint instantly; these can be really harmful when you are not mindful enough. This will not only leave your body at risk, but it can also be environmentally damaging. If you want another option, here are other alternatives:​

  • Paint Strippers without Methylene Chloride: Methylene Chloride is a strong agent for removing paint, but there are paint strippers without it. It is not as strong, but it is harmless.
  • Citrus-Based Paint Removers: You can certainly use this indoors as this emits a pleasant citrus odor.
  • Soy Gel Paint Removers: This makes the same job, but it is less toxic and does not produce strong fume emission.
use pressure water to get rid of paint

If you don’t have much time and you really need to remove the paint stain on the concrete floor, you can sand it instead of applying cleaning solutions. This is the quickest way to remove the paint. However, it may not be good for your floor, so only use this alternative when really necessary.

Conclusion on How to Remove Paint From Concrete

Paint mess can really be annoying, especially when you don’t know how to handle it. However, with the help of this guide, I hope that you will be able to remove that stubborn paint you hate.

If you have other awesome ways to easily remove paint from concrete, leave your comments below.

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