How to Clean Bamboo Floors – Cleaning Tips

When we first bought our house, one of the things I love about it was its bamboo flooring. It’s surprising that bamboo flooring is quite common in the town where we moved. Upon asking around why it is such a popular material, I have found out that not only is bamboo abundant, it is known for its natural hardness and water resistance. As a homeowner, it means that it’s easier to clean and maintain. Thus, I kept the flooring as it is.


There’s no doubt that the coloring and grain patterns in a bamboo floor can impress anyone. Despite its beauty, hardness, and other good qualities, however, bamboos are more susceptible to wear and tear. Thus, cleaning and maintenance are highly necessary. But as I said, both are easily done. Here are techniques and tips for cleaning bamboo floors which I’ve found over the years.

Bamboo flooring needs little cleaning and maintenance. However, both should be done regularly to preserve the quality of the flooring.

There are different methods in cleaning bamboo floors. The method you will use depends on how much dirt and dust have been accumulated in the floor. It can be dependent on what day of the month it is, too.

Method 1: Regular Cleaning Procedures

So you notice that there are tiny particles of dust or dirt on the bamboo floor. Sometimes, there might even be tracks of shoes. If so, then your floor is ready for regular cleaning. Regular cleaning must be done daily, early in the morning or late afternoon. Otherwise, the dust and dirt can dig down into the finishing of the floor and cause divots, scratches, dents, or a faded look.

Regular Cleaning Procedures

What You Will Need

To get started, you need one or two of the following:

Broom and Dustpan: A broom is good enough to sweep speckles of dust and dirt from the floor. To keep the quality of the bamboo floor, make sure that you use a broom with soft bristles. You need the dustpan to hold the swept dirt.

Vacuum: Though rarely seen as a tool in cleaning bamboo floors, you can make use of a vacuum as well. Just make sure that the vacuum you’ve chosen does not have a beater bar.

Mop and Dry Cloth: A mop will only be needed if there is mud or any other kind of dirt stuck firmly on the floor. Since moisture can be damaging to the wood, you need a dry cloth to quickly dry the surface.


Once you have the things you need, you can start with cleaning the bamboo floor. Regular cleanup usually does not take more than 5 minutes, depending on how big the area is.

Step 1: Sweep the floor

Dirt on the bamboo floor takes away its shine. Use your soft-bristled broom to sweep the dirt. Make sure that you are moving all of them into one direction only. Sweep them towards your dustpan.

Step 2: Vacuum the floor

If there are areas in the room which you find hard to reach with your broom, like under the cabinets or sofas, you can use the vacuum instead. You can also go over the area you’ve already swept to make sure that no dust remains.

Step 3: Mop the floor

Again, only do this if there are hard stains on the floor. Get your mop damp, not wet. Then, carefully go over the stained area. After which, get a cloth and dry the area quickly.

Helpful Tips

To better perform regular cleaning procedures, you need to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Don’t use the mop too frequently. While bamboo floors are more resistant to water damage compared to your average hardwood, it can still warp and grow mold if under excessive moisture.
  • Vacuum can scratch the floor if you make an abrupt maneuver, so be careful in handling it. Use a light vacuum without a beater bar and with a soft brush.
  • It’s preferable to use a microfiber cloth in drying any surface as it absorbs liquid more quickly.

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Method 2: Heavy Bamboo Floor Cleaning

You can conduct heavy bamboo floor cleaning at the end of the year or during spring. Unlike regular cleaning procedures, you will have to be more thorough. You have to assess what the dents and damages the floor has gotten over the year. You also have to use better cleaning tools.

What You Will Need

To start, you must prepare the following solutions and materials:

Natural Bamboo Cleaning Solution: Though you can always buy a ready-made cleaning solution from the market, I still highly recommend the natural cleaning solution. You can find the ingredients right at your kitchen. Mix vinegar and water at a 1:4 ratio.

Sponge or Clean rag: To apply the solution to the floor, you need to have a sponge or a clean rag. Do not use steel wool as it will only damage the surface.

Bucket: You might want to put your cleaning solution in a plastic bucket. Again, do not use one that’s made from hard material like steel as you might end up scratching the surface of the floor.

Microfiber Cloth or Dry Towel: To dry the floor area, you can either use a microfiber cloth or a dry towel. I suggest the latter as it makes the job faster.


Are you ready to start cleaning? Then have your solutions and material ready and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Dip the sponge or clean rag ​on the solution

Dip your sponge or clean rag in the bucket of natural bamboo cleaning solution. Twist the sponge or clean rag to make sure that it is not dripping. You only need to make it slightly damp.

Step 2: Wipe the floor

With the damp sponge or rag, gently wipe the floor. Focus on areas with the most dirt. You can also dip the sponge or rag again if you think that the area is still dirty. To make this step easier, it’s best that you work towards one direction only.

Step 3: Dry the floor

Do not air-dry the floor. Get your towel and wipe the floor dry. If you’ve accidentally made a pool or puddle, make sure that you dry it right away, too.

Helpful Tips

To get better results, you might want to follow the tips below:

  • Make sure that you apply the natural bamboo cleaning solution evenly.
  • Never use oil soap as an alternative to the natural bamboo cleaning solution.
  • If you are buying a solution in the market, make sure that it is non-abrasive and non-alkaline.
  • Never use floor wax on your bamboo floor.
  • Remove any rings when you are cleaning. You don’t want to accidentally scratch the floor.

Maintain Bamboo Floors

For your bamboo flooring to last longer, it’s not enough that you clean it. You also have to make other efforts in order to avoid damages. Even with its durability, bamboo floors can’t retain its appearance forever. Here are other tips you can use to maintain bamboo floors:

Use Chair Glides And Furniture Pads

Your chairs and tables can leave scratch marks on your floor. These scratch marks can affect the overall look of your flooring. To avoid this, use chair glides and furniture pads.

Use Chair Glides And Furniture Pads

Place A Doormat On The Doorway

While the bamboo floor can take dust and occasionally dirt, rocks and grains of sand are highly damaging. Place a doormat on every house entrance to avoid letting them in.

Place A Doormat On The Doorway

Place a door mat at the entrance way

Choose Your Rug And Carpet Carefully

If you are fond of using rugs and carpets, then make sure that they have pads. You don’t want to end up scratching your floor. Also, make sure to vacuum underneath the rug and carpet to avoid lumping hidden dirt.

Choose Your Rug And Carpet

Choose your rug and carpet carefully

Be Wary Of Sharp Objects

High heels, soled shoes, cat paws, and dog claws are some of the many things that can damage your floor. If you have pets, it’s better if you use a rug or carpet. If you are fond of high heels, it’s best that you wear them when you are at the doorway.

Be Wary Of dog claws

Cat paws and dog claws can damage your bamboo floors

Hang Curtains Or Blinds

Prolonged exposure under the sunlight can fade your bamboo flooring. Thus, you should hang curtains or blinds on every window of the house.

hang curtains

Hang curtains to protect your bamboo floors from the sunlight

Final Thoughts

Do you have bamboo flooring? I hope you love it as I do. There are great advantages to it. If you have problems cleaning or maintaining it, I wish this guide has helped you in some way.

If you still have some issues that have not been addressed in the article, leave a comment below.

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