How to Change a Circular Saw Blade: Your Ultimate Guide

A Circular saw blade is a flat disc-like shape attached to a circular saw used for cutting different objects in a spinning motion. There is a certain method on how to change a circular saw blade.

Not everything lasts forever. As time passes by, some things will depreciate and will require changes. Whether it is the performance, the structure, or the quality, sooner or later, old things must be replaced with new ones.

Even we humans have our countdowns before our existence on Earth disappears. How much more the things that are just created by us?  Everything gets old and ages. There might be things that last long. Long enough to provide us good quality and service. But then, as what have said, time will come that they will need to be repaired or worse, replaced.


Circular saw blades need to be changed from time to time to ensure safety. The longer and often it is used, the faster it gets dull and requires changing.

It needs replacement when cutting an object takes longer than its usual performance or when it starts making variant or strange sounds while used.

Don’t expect its ability to cut will still be the same as the first time using the circular saw blade.

One of the reasons why it requires changing is the material to be cut. There are different circular blades to be used for different objects.

Wooden Table

This is where you will work and place all the materials needed on to change the circular saw blade.

This is used to turn objects such as the arbor nut either to loosen it or tighten it. For better experience, a proper size must be used.

Wood Blocks

This will only be used if the blade has a diamond-shaped arbor to hold the blade in place.


This is a tool that is used for beating objects such as nails. It will be used later on if the blade has a diamond-shaped arbor.

New Circular Saw Blade

A new circular saw blade will be needed to replace the old one or switch it with another size.

Step-By-Step to Change a Circular Saw Blade

Step 1 - Unplug the power cord from the wall

If it is operated by a battery, remove it. This is to avoid any accidents that may happen when it is turned on accidentally.

Step 2 - Push the button that is found on top of the saw

Turn the blade to lock the mechanism connects.

Step 3 - Put the wrench on the circular saw arbor nut

Turn the wrench in the direction where the blade cuts to loosen it. The bolt must loosen or else you can’t get the blade off the circular saw.

You may also use an impact driver with the correct size socket that fits the nut. It removes faster rather than the wrench where you have to turn it manually.

Now, remove the blade by just sliding it down from the arbor to the bottom part of the saw. If the bolt won’t loosen, then the inside of it must be rusted already.

Step 4 - Get the blades positioned at the right spot

Get the new blade and put it on the same spot where the old blade was which is onto the arbor.

Don’t just put it in any direction you like.

Make sure that the blade is correctly placed. The saw teeth of the blade must be in the same direction where the blade will rotate.

You may also refer to the blade guard of the saw and look where the arrow is pointing to make sure that the blade is facing the right way.

Step 5 - Get the blade wrench you used a while ago to remove the arbor nut

Use it again to tighten back the arbor nut. Do not tighten it too much for you might have a hard time removing it the next time you decide to change the blade again.

Step 6 - Finalize using  two wooden blocks and the hammer

Some saws have an arbor that is shaped like a diamond. Put the two wooden blocks over the two ends of the blade to hold it in place.

Use the hammer to deliver a blow on the diamond-shaped arbor from the center of the blade. However, not all of the blades are like this. You will just use these tools depending on the blade you have.

Things You Should Keep in Mind

Never forget to unplug the power cord or remove the battery before you start changing the saw blade. Always remember this to secure your safety.

Follow the instructions on how to change or put a blade on a circular saw step by step, especially if you are a first-timer. Instructions may vary across different brands so this is important.

Be careful in taking out and putting the blade back to avoid any cuts.

You must have the correct size for every material needed. Everything must fit perfectly to avoid problems of having loose or tight materials.

In using the hammer, be careful that you won’t tap it on your hand.

If you have any concerns about changing the circular blade, read the instructions again. If you’re still having a hard time, consult a professional instead.


These are the steps and guidelines in changing the circular saw blade properly. It’s natural for a first timer to have a confusion in understanding some steps. Don’t hesitate to read it again or ask for guidance.

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