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What Is Parawood? It’s Popular Than You Think

If you have ever visited a furniture shop before, you might have heard the name Parawood. Also known as Rubberwood, Parawood is popular in the furniture industry because it is highly durable. Although common, it’s not generally available in lumber yards in the US, so only a few people actually know it. You might even have it in your house, and you just don’t know. So, exactly what is parawood?

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What Is Whitewood? All You Need To Know

Choosing the perfect type of wood for furniture making is a difficult task for someone who is not an expert in woodworking. However, it’s a trade knowledge one must acquire if he is to make quality output. The durability and the overall quality of the furniture do not only depend on how it is made but also on the type of wood used. One of the most commonly used woods in woodworking is Whitewood. But is Whitewood what you really need? What is Whitewood? Let’s explore what this type of wood can offer.

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How to Remove Wood Stain – Tips You Need To Know

Are you no longer happy with your old wood stain? Or is it starting to fade away? If so, then maybe it’s time that you replace it. However, before you add a new coat, you need to remove the wood stain first.

There are many ways to remove wood stain. The most common of which is sanding. You can also use strong chemicals. No matter what tool or substance you use, the most important thing is that you know the exact way on how to remove wood stain. You need to do it gently and carefully so that you will not damage the quality of the wood. When successful, you’ll end up with a rejuvenated piece of furniture.

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How To Make A Biscuit Joint

How to make a biscuit joint is one of the most fundamental things you must learn in the art of woodworking. Biscuit joints are very easy to do if you have the right kind of tools laying around your garage or workshop. It involves attaching boards together by their edges in order to come up with a wider plank or slab of wood without the need for screws and splicing techniques.

This basic type of joint is ideal for making furniture, tabletops, and cabinets. Another reason why biscuit joints are one of the most popular projects in woodworking is that it can be crafted out of all kinds of wood, given that these are in sheet form. For solid wood fabrication, biscuit joints can be a good replacement for mortise and tenon joints.

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How To Remove BaseBoard – Step-By-Step Instruction

Trying to remove a poorly installed baseboard? Perhaps, the molding is already damaging your wall or your floor. Or maybe, you just want to replace it with a newer and better design. If you want to do the job without asking any professional for help, then you only have to arm yourself with the right tools and the proper knowledge.

The baseboard is that plastic or wood that covers the joint between the floor and walls. It might also include any present shoe molding. Professionals know how to remove wooden baseboards without damaging the material, thus, making it possible for you to reuse the plastic or wood. You can do so, too. What’s more is that you can avoid damaging the wall or the floor.

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Janka Hardness Scale – Definition and Applications

When choosing the kind of wood you’ll use for your new construction or house project, it’s important that you know how hard the wood is. The harder and rarer the wood, the more difficult it will be for you to work with them. However, they will also be more durable.

The most trusted wood hardness scale is Janka Hardness Scale. If you’re looking for wood that you can use in making durable furniture, you can look for wood with 2000-3000 Janka rating. If you are planning to build wooden bridges and ships, you will want to buy wood with at least 3500 Janka rating.

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Scroll Saw vs. Band Saw – What to Use in Your Woodworking Project?

Still undecided about what kind of saw to buy for your next woodworking project? Perhaps, you’re torn between buying a scroll saw or a band saw. If that’s the case, then you need to know both of them in detail.

You probably already know that scroll saw and band saw are both mainly used for detailed curved cutting. However, there are some significant structural differences between them. In fact, when you look at the saws on the surface, you’ll notice that they both have unique features. So, if you want to be guided on exactly what saw fits your needs, we’ll provide you with a detailed overview of scroll saw vs. band saw.

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