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How To Get Gorilla Glue Off Hands – It’s Not As Hard As You Think

You are too excited about your DIY project and you’ve accidentally spilled Gorilla glue. The worst part is that it’s stuck to your skin. What do you do?

The Gorilla glue is one of the hardest adhesives to remove, especially when it sticks to your hands. Using the glue is easy, but accidents can still occur despite careful usage. Because of its quick drying quality, peeling it can be a hard task. Oftentimes, you’ll find that manual removal is unsuccessful. So how to get gorilla glue off hands exactly? You might need the answer to this question if you are to do a lot more DIY projects.

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What Is Parawood? It’s Popular Than You Think

If you have ever visited a furniture shop before, you might have heard the name Parawood. Also known as Rubberwood, Parawood is popular in the furniture industry because it is highly durable. Although common, it’s not generally available in lumber yards in the US, so only a few people actually know it. You might even have it in your house, and you just don’t know. So, exactly what is parawood?

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How To Remove Broken Screw – Useful Ways For You

Last weekend, I was drilling a screw into an alder wood for my latest woodworking project. I must have drilled it too hard because the small screw broke off when it was just about in the middle of the wood. You can see what a problem it was for me. However, having worked with lots of woodworking projects in the past, I faced the same problem once or twice before. I knew a few tricks on how to remove broken screw.

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How To Get Rid Of Rust From Old Tools

How do you store your tools at home? This is an important question you must answer when you want to preserve your tools. Though they don’t have an expiration date, tools can rust and lose their value. When a tool rusts, you are probably thinking about throwing it away. However, this is not the only option, you have Tools can last a longer time with the proper care. You can even salvage rusting tools.

So, how to get rid of rust from old tools? There are several ways to do this. If you are interested to know how, read our guide.​

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What Is Whitewood? All You Need To Know

Choosing the perfect type of wood for furniture making is a difficult task for someone who is not an expert in woodworking. However, it’s a trade knowledge one must acquire if he is to make quality output. The durability and the overall quality of the furniture do not only depend on how it is made but also on the type of wood used. One of the most commonly used woods in woodworking is Whitewood. But is Whitewood what you really need? What is Whitewood? Let’s explore what this type of wood can offer.

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How to Remove Wood Stain – Tips You Need To Know

Are you no longer happy with your old wood stain? Or is it starting to fade away? If so, then maybe it’s time that you replace it. However, before you add a new coat, you need to remove the wood stain first.

There are many ways to remove wood stain. The most common of which is sanding. You can also use strong chemicals. No matter what tool or substance you use, the most important thing is that you know the exact way on how to remove wood stain. You need to do it gently and carefully so that you will not damage the quality of the wood. When successful, you’ll end up with a rejuvenated piece of furniture.

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How To Remove Paint From Brick – Some Tips You need To Know

Knowing how to remove paint from brick is a helpful skill if you are refurbishing something. Paint removal from brick can also be needed in case you need to restore a walkway, wall, etc.

Without the proper knowledge to do the task, it’ll be hard for one to successfully remove paint from brick. After all, it can be a hard task because of the brick’s grooves and surface type. On the other hand, if you use the right products and procedure, the process will be smooth sailing for you.

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How To Clean Brick Floor – Helpful Tips For You

Brick floors are known for being durable and easy to maintain. Anyone who uses them in their hallway or kitchen area can vouch for their functionality. But like any other kind of flooring, one has to clean them. Sealed bricks can be cleaned easily. However, they tend to trap moisture within them, which can be problematic. What experts recommend to remedy this is to partner your routine cleaning (done daily) with a more thorough cleaning (done at least once a month). It’s important that you follow the right cleaning method so as not to damage the bricks.

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How to Cut Galvanized Steel Pipe

When it comes to setting up water lines and indoor plumbing, nothing beats the malleable strength of galvanized steel pipe. This material is highly recommended for homeowners who live in the colder parts of the world and those who experience more rigid weather conditions, especially in the Wintertime. These homes are much more prone to pipe damage and the need for repair.

Knowing how to cut through galvanized steel pipe is an important life hack every homeowner should be able to do. While galvanized steel pipe is one of the best solutions for water lines, it’s still not immune to the damages brought about by extreme weather conditions. When these pipes get damage, you’re going to have to call a plumber to have them replaced, and by the time he arrives, the pipes will have leaked precious water. Wouldn’t it save you the Imagine the amount of time and water you can save if you knew how to cut galvanized steel pipe yourself! Read on, and we’ll show you everything there is to know about this life hack.

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