Buying Refurbished Woodwork Machinery – You Need To Know

New or Used Woodwork Machinery – Which One You Should Buy?


New or Used Woodwork Machinery?

There are both cheap and expensive woodworking tools in the market. What you want to buy depends on what are you trying to achieve, what is your project size. Personally, my experience with reconditioned tools has been very positive.

If you have a big project requiring Heavy-duty devices, you can see that this machinery cost more than $2000. So it makes such a perfect sense to buy refurbished heavy duty woodwork machinery when needed rather than purchasing brand new making dent in your wallet and use the machine just once or twice.

The refurbished machine can still be powerful and perfectly usable for the long term, then why to spend money on new ones? Quickest resources to buy such refurbished or used machinery would be Craigslist, eBay, Facebook marketplace. I have seen used sold by owners on Amazon and Walmart also.

Many reasons exist which means that it might be worth you thinking about buying refurbished woodwork machinery instead of buying the brand new. Probably the most apparent reason behind causing this to be a particular decision is it is generally considerably cheaper to purchase used equipment, as opposed to an entirely new machine. It especially useful if you’re searching at buying machinery for a whole workshop and can save you a lot of money while still enabling you to purchase high-quality equipment.

Refurbished machinery is not only cost-effective, but some older machines are also renowned for their durability, as the cost was less than when they were manufactured. That said, there are still many things that you should be aware of when buying refurbished woodwork machinery.

Questions to Ask Before Buying Reconditioned Tools


What Was This Tool’s Reconditioning Process Like?

Remember, if reconditioning is done from a reputable, experienced company, it’s sure that reconditioned tools are often more thoroughly and rigorously checked than brand new tools! I have heard people saying their brand new power tool didn’t work.

Why Was This Tool Reconditioned?

This question is quite difficult to answer, but if you buy from an online store, you should ask why the tool was refurbished before making your decision depending on the answer and tool’s condition.

Most of the reconditioned power tools are purchased, possibly opened, used once or never and then returned.

Is There A Warranty?

Surprising that many reconditioned power tools sell without warranty. But as mentioned earlier, reputable companies recondition heavy duty power tool very rigorously so they last longer.

In this situation, those companies confidently provider warranties as well which is just awesome.

Make sure to check how does the warranty differ from the new tool.


Whenever you do not purchase a brand new tool, it is difficult to find something which meets your exact needs. So it is worth spending time research the refurbished machinery that’s could still meet your specifications.

Between sources offered by manufacturers and dealers, there is a lot of existing information that will help make a decision.

Reliable dealers will be pleased to assist you the specs of older equipment.

The Condition of Reconditioned Tools

When the machinery continues to be refurbished well with a reliable dealer, chances are the equipment is going to be, mostly, new. Any properly refurbished machine from the truly reliable dealer may have been inspected by trained experts to make sure that they are in good condition to work correctly.

Any worn parts may have been replaced to offer you a piece of equipment that can use for years to come. However, it is worth physically inspecting the machinery if possible, to see exactly what you’re purchasing.


When searching the refurbished machinery, You should ask the manuals that come with the equipment.
Documents manuals provide information on safety and operation, in addition to information on setting the gear up and changing tools.

A properly-documented, good service history may also go a long way to place your mind comfortable whenever you take a look at second-hand equipment.


When purchasing any refurbished machinery, you can benefit from it. Why I say that, because in the period the equipment has been for sale, there are training resources created to assist their users in operating the machinery.

Before purchasing, you should make sure the resources and information that are available for the equipment. If you get a machine that the manufacturer is no longer in business, it is harder to get replacement parts when you needed.

If the equipment was not be sold well in the past, there were fewer training resources available.

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