Top 5 Best Toilet Fill Valve – Reviews 2020

More often than not, you will find yourself dealing with a faulty toilet. Of course, this is given considering that you use your toilet every day. Some parts are bound to wear off or just break down with time.

Toilet problems can emerge from different parts in the reservoir or the septic tank. But the most common culprit for most problems is the toilet fill valve - a component that lets in water to the tank after you flush.

Diagnosing a toilet malfunction can be daunting. Thus, detecting problems with the toilet fill valve can be confusing. We have listed below some cases that call for a toilet fill valve replacement. We have also compiled a buying guide to ensure that you purchase the best toilet fill valve that suits your toilet.


best toilet flapper flush valves kits replacement

If you are not sure whether or not your current toilet fill valve is faulty, you can watch out for the following signs:

The Toilet Makes Noise When Flushing

Usually, a toilet is supposed to function without an ounce of sound. As the metal parts of the toilet fill valve wear off, they become loose. They start interfering with the closing and opening of the valve, which in turn inhibit the free flow of water. The effect is some noise as the force of the water hits the valve. If you hear your toilet making some disturbing noise, it is time to get a toilet fill valve replacement.

The Toilet Leaks

One of the most disturbing problems in the toilet is a leakage, especially because it can shoot the water bill to the highest. If you notice that water is standing at the base of your toilet, you could probably be dealing with a faulty toilet fill valve. It is time you get a new one.

The Toilet Partial Or No Refill

As said above, a toilet fill valve is a part which ensures the water will be refilled the tank after flushing. You might notice that when you flush, it does not go all the way. Among the reasons that can cause this is a low water level in the tank. The low water level is an indication that the tank is taking too long to refill or that it is not refilling at all. The toilet fill valve could be running nonstop but not a drop of water is getting to the reservoir.

How to Choose the Right Toilet Fill Valve

Keys to Finding the Good Toilet Fill Valve

When it is time to repair your toilet, it is paramount that you purchase the most reliable toilet fill valve. This will prevent you from going back to the shop after just a short time. But with the market full of different toilet fill valves, how do you know which one to choose? The following are a few factors that you should put in mind to get the best toilet fill valve.

The Material

What makes most toilet fill valves fail is corrosion of the metal parts over time. So the fewer metal parts are in a toilet fill valve, the longer it will last. So this is the first feature you should look for in a toilet fill valve. Ensure the one you pick is made from a different material such as rubber or plastic. If it must have a metal part, let it be to the minimum.


Sometime it would be hard to tell the correct size of the toilet fill valve that is suitable for your toilet. Luckily, there are adjustable models available in the market. Ensure you go for one that you can easily adjust to fit your toilet. Alternatively, you can choose a standard model because they are made for any toilet size. 

Type of The Toilet

When buying a new toilet fill valve, you should consider the type of your toilet. This will be necessary because you wouldn't want to buy one that doesn't work with your toilet. For instance, if your toilet is a low flow toilet, you should buy a model that has a water inlet hole placed on the lower side.

Features Included

You will save a lot of money if you buy a product that comes with more added features. A model that has a water flow adjustment cap will save you from buying one separately. Also, if you choose a toilet fill valve with a shut-off valve, it will ensure that the water shut-off is rapid.

toilet fill valve maintenance - universal repair kit

Cleaning and Maintenance

A toilet flush valve does not require much effort for maintenance at least not for a few years after purchase.

  • Just only check to assure that there are no leaks.
  • Be sure to use a proper toilet cleaner to keep your toilet tank clean.
  • Try to wipe down the components from time to time to ensure that there is no buildup debris and dirt.

Top 5 Toilet Flush Valves Review

toilet flush valve components repair kit

If you put the above factors into consideration, your search for a new toilet fill valve will be made easy. But we understand that not all people will have a successful search. It may prove difficult for some to get a perfect fit for their toilets. It is for this reason that we took the liberty to list the best-rated toilet repair kits available in the market.

We have listed the features for each of them so that you may know what you are bargaining for. We also look into the pros as well as the cons of these fill valves so that you can be informed when making your decision. Going through the list below, I am convinced that you will spot the best toilet fill valve that will work perfectly for your toilet.

Fluidmaster 400AH PerforMAX Fill Valve Kit Review

If you are the type that is impatient with a toilet that refills slowly, then Fluidmaster 400ARHR is your solution.

With the capability to refill twice faster than standard models, this is one of the fastest toilet fill valves available out there.

This model is built to fit most toilet models and has an adjustable height of between 10 to 15 inches.

Besides giving you quite toilet and repairing the leakage, it will also save you water with the roller clamp feature. It comes with a 7-year warranty which stamps its durability.


  • It is a high-performance toilet fill valve with a fast refilling ability compared to other standard toilet fill valves
  • It is made with an easy to install design and instantly fixes several toilet problems
  • Effectively achieves a noise-free toilet
  • Its height is adjustable and also works with almost toilet models
  • It works in an anti-siphon technology which makes it great in saving water. It fills the bowl to a standard level ensuring that the fill is neither inadequate nor excessive
  • It is solidly built from a durable material that promises to last long and also comes with a 7-year warranty


  • In spite of being a high performer; it has been reported as being unable to seal the leaks completely
  • There are cases where the float gets stuck when flushing which interferes with the refilling of the tank
  • Despite being an easy to install model, the float sometimes comes in the way when taking the measurements
  • This makes assembling the unit a bit difficult
  • Height adjustment can sometimes fail to get to the required height

TOTO TSU99A.X Adjustable Replacement Fill Valve Kit Review

The model from TOTO is one of the most reliable replacement kits in the market. It comes with a self-generating hydropower technology which greatly saves on electricity.

In addition, the model from TOTO model has an adjustable flow rate as well as a hydrotect feature which reduces water consumption and prevents pollution. It is a universal model and will fit most standard toilets.

Ideally, this fill valve is designed for two-piece toilets but despite this, it can still work well for other types of toilet. This is because you can adjust the height to the size of your toilet. 


  • This toilet fill valve features TOTO's tradition of making reliable styles of traditional, transitional and contemporary styles
  • Adjustable flow rate for two piece toilet
  • Being a universal fill valve, it works with most toilet types
  • It saves you money by reducing electricity usage with its self-generating hydropower system
  • It is efficient in solving common toilet problems such as leaking and running toilets
  • It is fitted with a Hydrotect feature which means that it saves water and keeps pollution at bay
  • The packaging comes with clear and detailed instructions to guide you through the installation
  • It is made from a durable plastic material


  • Though it works for most toilets, the flow rate system only gives best results when fitted with toilet systems from TOTO
  • Installation is a bit difficult, but with a manual you eventually get it done
  • It sometimes achieves a fluctuating refilling speed so sometimes it will be fast and other times slow down
  • Though this model is an adjustable fill valve, it can sometimes prove difficult especially if you are working with other toilet systems other than TOTO's

KOHLER GENUINE PART GP1083167 Silent Fill Valve Kit Review

Kohler is known to make durable, high-performance plumbing products and this model is not an exception. It is made of high-quality plastic and rubber which do not corrode with time. Thus, this product will serve you for a long time.

Among the toilet fill valve types, this model from Kohler stands as one of the best in the market. This is because it is so easy to install. It is also adjustable to fit almost all Kohler toilets and all class five toilets. If the shank on your toilet is black, this is the product for you.


  • It comes with clear directions so you can never pick a wrong product for your toilet
  • The absence of metal parts makes it durable so you will not keep going back to the shop. Also being made by two plumbing products masters, Kohler and Fluidmaster, it is a great product
  • It is among the quietest and quickest to install models in the market
  • The flow system on this fill valve is adjustable so it will work perfectly with most toilet systems


  • It is not returnable, so you have to be careful to get the fitting right when you buy it
  • Installation proves a bit difficult in other toilet types other than Kohler and Fluidmaster toilets
  • It has been reported to fit imperfectly on other toilet systems which impede on the functionality
  • The flow system only works well in Kohler and Fluidmaster toilets. Though it may fit other toilets, it does not work perfectly for some

Adjustable Ballcock Fits Toto Kit Review

If you are looking for the best product to replace the old one in your toilet, then this Korky model is your best bet. This model can replace a variety of fill valves, including ones from earlier technologies such as ballocks.

You can install the Korky kit without any tools to achieve noise and leak-free toilet. Other problems solved by this model include a running toilet as well as a weak or a no filling fill valve.

The package comes with a refill tube, metal refill tube clip, mounting and coupling nuts, tamper-proof key, and a washer.


  • Made with advanced and improved technology, this model is one of the quietest fill valves available in the industry
  • With the clear and detailed instructions in the package, installing this kit becomes easy. You require any installation tools to get it done
  • It perfectly solves common toilet problems including leakage and refilling problems
  • This Korky model is a universal fill valve, and its height is adjustable which makes it ideal for most types of toilets
  • You can easily service this fill valve kit without necessarily removing it from the water which also prolongs its life


  • When it comes to speed, it lags behind compared to other models in the market; there are several complaints about getting stuck for some time before resuming refilling
  • Having some metal parts means that it is subject to corrosion which weakens its functionality over time
  • This Korky mode only works well with TOTO G-MAX and power gravity toilets

American Standard 7381125-400.0070A Fluid Master 400A Universal Fill Valve Kit Review

Water saving is one of the important features that a toilet fill valve should have. Well, this Fluid Master 400A achieves just that with a water control assembly technology.

The water connection point is made of brass, which makes it connect perfectly without cross threading. So it can seal any leakage completely.

This model is top-rated toilet repair kit that comes with a refill tube and clip, coupling nuts and washer as well as a lock nut and shank washer.

This replacement kit will have your toilet fully functioning in no time.


  • American Standard replacement parts
  • It is easy to install plus all required installation hardware is provided. Not forgetting that instructions are clear and easy to follow. You have it running in just a couple of minutes
  • After screwing it in, it instantly locks away the leaks and achieves a completely quiet toilet
  • An adjustable fill valve makes it ideal for many toilet types including those that require low connections
  • The brass water control assembly feature that comes with this kit greatly saves on water
  • It is one of the most reliable models in the market


  • Adjusting the water level is sometimes a bit tricky
  • It is a bit pricey compared to other brands in the market
  • Only works with toilets made by American Standard
  • The diameter on the hose is smaller, so it takes longer to refill the tank compared to other ones

Final Verdict - Best Flush Valve

The toilet is a necessity you can't afford to live without. Thus it should be working all around the clock. But malfunctioning is something you can't predict, and at one point or another, you will find your toilet breaking down. Even if this is the case, it is necessary that you get it up and running again in the shortest time possible.

In addition, the toilet business is meant to be a private affair. But it can be difficult to achieve this if you are dealing with a noisy toilet. Your toilet should be as quiet as possible even when used at night when everything is all silent. The toilet should also refill fast considering that you have a busy lifestyle and can afford to waste even a second.

Considering the above, the product that you purchase should be able to restore the functionality of your toilet instantly. It should also be able to eliminate all the noise in your toilet while refilling the tank as fast as possible.

With that in mind, we pick TOTO TSU99A.X  as the best toilet fill valve kit. Because it achieves a quiet toilet and the refilling speed is fast. Though the installation can be a bit difficult, the package comes with a manual that helps you get it done smoothly.

Besides, you get so much more with this one. Take, for instance, the self-generating hydropower system that goes a long way in saving on electricity. Not forgetting the hydrotect feature that saves water. The most appealing thing about it is that it is gentle to the environment by keeping pollution away.

With the above review, you are now equipped with information that is necessary to help you get the best performance toilet fill valve. If you follow it thoroughly, you will not go back to the shop in the near future.

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