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Best Tap And Die Set Reviews – Latest Updated 2020

Here are 10 top best tap and die set in the market:





Carbon steel



Carbon steel



Carbon steel reinforced with titanium



Carbon steel



Alloy steel



Tungsten steel



Alloy steel



Industrial G Cr15 steel



Milled alloy steel



Carbon steel



GearWrench 3887 Tap And Die Tool Set

This product consists of 75 pieces of modern tools. All of them are built from high-quality carbon steel, but if you don't take care of them properly, they are prone to rust.

This set consists of: ratchets, screw pitch gauge, sliding T-wrench, adapters (in sizes small, medium and tap), screwdriver, and other essential tools.

The great feature of this set is that it is equipped with an auto-lock mechanism which ensures you have no problematic time in storing or removing tools from the collection.

The storage case is comfortable to carry and durable. On top of the case, you will find a sturdy and comfortable handle for more accessible transport. This case is straightforward to organize.

So when you need to search for a specific piece of tool, you will not have a problem to do it.

If you didn’t know, the Allen wrench is small L-shaped wrench with six sides that you can use for some specific projects like assembling bikes and furniture. Screw pitch gauges come in small and medium sizes, and their purpose is to measure the pitch of a screw thread. The sliding T-wrench can give you a 5-degree curve, which is a great feature.

This set is compatible with SAE and metric measurement system, so it suits perfectly for people who work on repairs, and installations, but it is not suitable for everyday use. And let's not forget that this product comes with a lifetime guarantee. 


  • Entirely made of carbon steel
  • Set comes in a durable case with a sturdy handle
  • Variety of tools that are suitable for individual use to
  • Sliding T-wrench
  • Set is compatible with metric and SAE
  • This set arrives with a lifetime guarantee
  • Made with an auto-lock feature to make it safer to use


  • It is not able to withstand heavy and frequent use
  • It is prone to rust if not maintained properly

Irwin Tools  26377 Tap And Die Set, 117-Piece

This set is the premium set that comes in a very durable, well-organized plastic storage case with a sturdy handle for more comfortable carrying. It is a big and bulky tool kit, and it is the most expensive set on this list. The tool kit is suitable for repair and maintenance work as well as for creating new threads.

The set consists of a variety of tool sizes. You will find 117 pieces of tools in this kit, which can guarantee you that all sizes are covered, and it offers you a great selection of T-wrenches and pit gauges.

In this set, you can find: machine screw taps with six die, 10 SAE Taps and 10 Dies, 16 Metric Taps and 16 Dies, two pipe taps and two dies, and a set of high-speed steel drill bits. As you can see, this set is compatible for metric and SAE measurement system.

All the pieces are designed with high-quality carbon steel, which is good, but for the premium kit, you would expect some higher quality material like superior grade steel. But that would increase the price.

From 117 pieces that come in this tool kit, the 41 items are intended to be used with a drill, which can be a problem if you already have a quality drill with its own toolkit. If you’re a beginner in this area, it will be a big plus for you.


  • The set comes in a durable plastic storage case with carrying handle
  • Huge variety of tool sizes
  • Suitable for repairs as well for making new threads
  • All the pieces are designed with carbon steel
  • Comes with a full set of T-wrenches and pit gauges


  • This set is big and bulky
  • Tools in this kit are made out of carbon steel that is prone to rusting if it is not appropriately maintained
  • Expensive

Neiko 00916A TitaniumTap And Die Set

Here I present to you a pro-grade, hard, durable and rust-free, tap and die set that will help you with all types of threading applications.

This kit comes in a super protective case that keeps all the tools in order and makes it easier to identify the tools and to spot if some is missing as well. Neiko 00916A is quite lightweight and can be easily carried from one place to another thanks to the sturdy handle on top of the case.

In this kit, you will find a wide range of variety of tools: T-handle wrenches, screwdriver, adjustable tap, and die wrench. Every piece of tool in this set has a body that is designed from high-quality steel and cutting tips that are created from titanium steel to enhance the cutting ability of the tool.

Unfortunately, you can choose to purchase only SAE or metric type of kit and there is no possibility of buying the dual model.


  • Pro-grade rust-free kit
  • Comes in a durable case with a handle that is easy to organize and carry
  • Constructed with high-quality premium materials
  • The cutting tips that are reinforced with titanium for better cutting abilities
  • Wide range of variety of tools


  • You can only choose between SAE and metric kit

GearWrench  82812 Tap And Die Tool Set, 114-piece

GearWrench is a heavy-duty kit that comes with 114 pieces of tools including 48 pieces of taps as well as the same amount of dies. This model uses the SAE size system, and it is adequate to complete most of the heavy-duty threading, no matter if it is internal or external application.

Both tap and dies are designed with carbon steel so you can be sure that the tools won’t get damaged easily, but will rust if you don't take care of them properly. The storage case is durable, made from molded plastic and will guarantee you safe and easy transport of your tools.

This GearWrench kit comes with 48 taps, and 48 dies, two ratcheting T wrenches (which have a 5-degree ratcheting arc), plug and taper taps, five screw extractor, 3 mm hex key, small and medium adaptors.

One great feature that I must mention is the Twist Lock guide system - the company’s patented system. This system is designed to help you reduce back walk of the die guide, while at the same time it keeps your dies in the center while you cut your threads.

Like all GearWrench product, this one too has a lifetime warranty. The only flaw that this tool kit has is that it only uses SAE measurement system.


  • Huge variety of tools
  • Comes with 48 taps and dies
  • Two ratcheting T-wrenches included
  • Twist-Lock guide system
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Durable case with a sturdy handle


  • Only available in SAE measurement system

ABN 60 Piece Tap And Die Set - Rethread Set Rethreading Kit

This kit coming from ABN is recommended only for occasional applications or entry-level service, and it is suitable for all types of threading work. It is equipped with 60 pieces of tools that are compatible with both SAE and metric measurement system.

The storage case is lightweight, heavy-duty, which guarantees you safe storage, and agile organization. The storage case is constructed from molded plastic, with a carrying handle for easy transportation, but it is quite big so it can cause some storing problems.

Every piece of tool in this set is made from toughened alloy steel that contributes to the strength of these tools, allowing them to cut through steel, aluminum, copper, and cast iron. And that means this kit is rust-free as well.

In this kit, you will find: Large pitch and small pitch threaded taps and dies, fractional taps and dies, tap and dies that are compatible with metric size system, thread gauge, tap and die handle, and small tap chuck.


  • Comes with 60 pieces of tools
  • Compatible with SAE and the metric system
  • Suitable for external and internal threading work
  • Storage case is durable easy to organize and guarantee safety for your tools
  • Tools are constructed with hardened alloy steel


  • Only recommended for occasional use
  • The case is massive so that it might cause some storing problems

Happybuy 86PC Tap and Die Set

This set is intended for professional use, and you will quickly notice that this model has precision ground surfaces. They are excellent for many operations, mostly handwork. With this set, you will have accurate cutting for new threads, and you can repair the damaged threads too.

This set comes in a plastic molded case that is carefully organized so that everything you need is within reach when you need it. The case has a sturdy and reliable handle that comes handy because this set does have some additional weight.

The tools are made of high-quality tungsten steel, which guarantees you that they are designed to be sturdy. The tap and dies are machined and heat-treated for additional accuracy when cutting new threads. This set comes with 86 pieces of tools that include the adjustable T-wrench.

This set has a metric and SAE tap and die sizes, which is an excellent advantage, and it comes for an affordable price.


  • Comes with 86 pieces of tools with adjustable T-wrench
  • Storage case is well organized and sturdy
  • Tools are mad of high-quality tungsten steel
  • Machined for additional accuracy
  • Recommended for professional use
  • Includes both metric and SAE tap and die sizes
  • Great price


  • This set is a bit heavy

Neiko 00908A Tap And Die Set, 76-Piece

This kit is suitable for the home DIY enthusiast because it contains 34 tap pieces and 34 die pieces. This should cover most of the projects you can do daily at your household. As well you can repair worn out threads.

St comes in a plastic storage case with handles, but unfortunately, it is not as durable as we expected. It flexes a lot, and that means the taps quickly come out of their slots and mix. But there is one great thing about this case; you can store metric and SAE size pieces separately so you can be sure your case is neat and well organized.

Taps and dies are designed with a hardened steel alloy for better resistance and durability. Edges are reinforced with titanium, which guarantees you sharpness, and precise cut every time.

The set contains: T-shaped handle tap wrench, round die adapter, set of screwdrivers, round die-stock handle wrench, and adjustable T-handle wrench. Die-stock handle, and adjustable tap handle is anti-slip, so that it will allow you to thread more efficiently and have a better grip.

Overall this tap and die set is not designed for heavy-duty use. But it is still a high-quality toolset that will come in handy every time you need to create or repair some worn-out treads. And it comes for a very affordable price.


  • Contains 34 taps, and 34 dies
  • Tool are made out of hardened alloy steel with edges that are reinforced with titanium
  • Compatible with both metric and SAE measurement system
  • This set features two anti-slip handles
  • Case allows you to store SAE and metric size tools separately
  • Affordable price.


  • Not recommended for heavy-duty use
  • Storage case flexes a lot

EFFICERE 40 Piece Tap And Die Set

This kit is another entry-level kit that means it is perfect for your manual threading jobs no matter if you are doing them around your household or at your workplace. You can easily create or repair old threads with this set.

The set is made from high quality bearing GCr15 steel. Also, it is great to see that the company making these tools cut them using CNC machines and heat-treated to reach 60 HRC on the Rockwell hardness scale, to make them able to provide aggressive, clean, and precise cutting. That means it can cut through most of the pipelines and rods which are built from carbon and inox steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, and more.

This kit comes for a very affordable price. With a wide range of most used metric taps and dies with both coarse and fine sizes, plus all needed wrenches, handles, and gauges. You will get this set in a durable plastic molded storage case with a carrying handle for more comfortable transportation.


  • Designed with high quality bearing GCr15 steel
  • The tools are processed with CNC machine and treated with heat to reach 60 HRC on Rockwell hardness scale
  • Consisted of 40 pieces
  • The set is suitable for all types of metal threading
  • Affordable price


  • Not recommended for heavy-duty use
  • Only available in metric size system

TEKTON 7559 Tap and Die Set, 39-Piece

Tekton 7559 is an affordable tap and die set that comes in a bright plastic molded case with 39 pieces. This set is recommended for occasional threading more than for daily heavy-duty thread.

The storage case is made of molded plastic, and it is sturdy and easy to organize, on top of the case, you will find a durable handle that will make transportation easier.

Tools in this kit are built from hardened alloy steel so they are strong and they won’t rust over time. The handles on this tool kit are non-slip and straightforward to use but not so much comfortable. This set comes with a wide variety of pieces, 17 taps with compatible die sizes, flat head screwdriver, standard wrench, and T-wrench.

Also, you can easily make both large pitch threads from 3 x 0.5 in diameter, as well as small pitch threads from 12 x 1.5 diameter. If you sporadically need to create threads or repair a few damaged threads, this set is excellent for that purpose, but it only comes in the metric system.


  • Affordable
  • Set comes in a sturdy plastic case with handle
  • Tools are made from milled alloy steel
  • Easy to use
  • Wide variety of tools


  • Not recommended for heavy-duty
  • Handles on the taps are not comfortable for use
  • Only comes in the metric system.

Bosch B44718 Black Oxide Tap And Die Set

This set comes with 40 pieces of tool neatly packed in plastic molded storage case with handle. The Bosch tap and die set is recommended for all-purpose appliance.

Build quality is excellent. The tools are made from carbon steel and coated with black oxide. The coat is used on all the components to ensure durability against corrosion. Heat-treated carbon steel provides not only durability it guarantees you clean, and accurate threads. One more great thing about this kit is that the identification of the size is laser marked so you can be sure that the quality of this product won’t diminish with time.

This kit works great with cutting thread gaps into metal as well as in plastic. You can use it with aluminum, mild steel as well as stainless steel. This set can cut new threads or repair existing threads depending on your needs.

Overall this is dependable tap and die set. The only things that we can single out as flaws are prices and number of tools in this set. 


  • Comes in a molded case with handle
  • Tools are built from carbon steel with black oxide coating
  • Tools are durable against corrosion
  • Cuts threads very accurate
  • You can use it with aluminum, mild alloy and inox steel


  • Higher price
  • Comes only with 40 pieces of tools

Things You Should Consider Before Buying

tap and die set kit - product reviews

Here I will take you through the features that you should consider when you decide to pick out the best tap and die set.

Tap and die bit diversity

These tools are sold as a set so you need to make sure you will get a lot of different sizes of taps and dies as you can, so you can always choose the right size for your project.


All the taps and dies that you get in the set need to be mounted into the wrench and they are all practically the same with some little exceptions.

Construction material

Steel is one of the main element that is used for making these sets, but not all types of steels are the same quality. The better the quality of the metal, the more durable and sharper your tap and die set is. Try to look for alloy steel, or titanium tipped cutting steel.

Storage case

Storage case is an essential part of the tap and die set. Because these sets come with multiple components, you need a  storage case that you can rely on and be sure that all the pieces will be stored safely and adequately.


Handles must be strong enough to support the weight of the massive set you are carrying with you daily.


The size of the tool kit is relevant too. Metric is the European measurement system, and SAE is the US measurement system. It is crucial to know this because you can have troubles with using metric tap and die set with SAE measurements. For example, the product made in Europe will probably require the metric sizes and opposite. There are dual tap and die sets that are compatible with both metric and SAE measurements so you might consider purchasing that one.

Why Do You Need to Buy and Use a Tap and Die Set?

cut thread with kit

It is always good to know how to fix things that we use daily, so knowing how and when to use tap and die set will be very helpful.

Creates new threads and holes

When you are working on a car, creating a new threading hole can be very useful. So, the purpose of these sets is to add threading to the freshly drilled hole, for example, when you want to attach a new trailer hitch to the frame of your vehicle.

Create bespoke bolts

As you all know, locks mainly come in set sizes. Sometimes you require the bespoke size, and that is when the right tap and die set will come conveniently. It will allow you to turn any ordinary rod material into a bespoke sized bolt.

Repair and remove old bolts

You can use your set to remove and repair old worn-out locks. So if removing and fixing bolts is the main occupation you should consider purchasing a kit that is specialized for repairing locks.

Types of Tap & Die Set

There are four major types of these sets available on the market today:

  • Second Tap- This set is used for deepening the thread even though they have similar angles.
  • Plug Tap- The purpose of this set is to ensure the precise results at the end of every cut hole you make.
  • Taper Tap- Used for cutting the threading from the bottom.
  • Circular Die- With this set, you make full threads with a single operation.

Final Thoughts

The tap and die set is a quick and easy way to perform threading no matter if you are an amateur or professional. With the best tap and die set, you can make bolts, nuts, cut new threads, and repair old worn-out threads in no time.

After all, you have read in this article; there is no excuse for you not to get one! If you want the best one, in my opinion, with ABN 60 Piece Tap And Die Set, you won’t miss!

If you still didn't find my tap and die set review helpful, I suggest that you read it one more time.

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