Best Chainsaw Sharpeners Reviews 2020

sharpen chain saw with chainsaw sharpener

A chainsaw is a powerful mechanical power-driven cutting tool. It has sharp teeth set on a powerful chain that moves around a blade vigorously. It is a very powerful tool. However, even such a tool can wear out through time and use.

When a chainsaw wears out, you have three choices: replace the chainsaw, take it to the local chainsaw repair shop, or re-sharpen it yourself.

Replacing the chainsaw chain would be a good choice as you will get a whole new tool, but it would be quite expensive. A cheaper option is taking the chainsaw to the local chainsaw shop and getting it repaired. However, this may not guarantee your expected result for the sharpening of your chainsaw.

The last choice would be re-sharpening the chainsaw yourself. It will most probably be a slow and challenging task, but you can guarantee the best of the results in a much cheaper choice.

As said, sharpening a chainsaw would be a slow and challenging process for you, but with the right tool, you can get the hang out of the task. Chainsaw sharpeners are tools used for regular chainsaw sharpening. They are specially designed for the maintenance of the sharpness of a chainsaw.

In this article, I will introduce you to the best chainsaw sharpener that can help you handle your task yourself.

Sharpening A Chainsaw - The Basic Skill You Need To Know

Chainsaws are a great and powerful tool. As with any other devices, they also require a regular maintenance routine to keep their sharpness. While you have many options on how to address this problem, such as buying a new tool or bringing the old device to the shop, it’s wise to try to solve the problem by yourself first. This move will not only save you money. It may also get you the same results or even better.

Many people usually directly ask help to professionals and refuse to do some DIY tasks because they get overwhelmed by the thought of the strenuous task. In reality, sharpening a chainsaw is easy, especially when you are equipped with the right tools.

While the task of sharpening a chainsaw does not require in-depth knowledge and professional skills, it does require essential know how’s. Before getting on with the actual task, make sure you are equipped with not only the tools but also with an adequate amount of knowledge, skills, and safety measures.

When It’s Time to Sharpen A Chainsaw

Time To Sharpen A Chainsaw Chain or Replace a new one

There can be many factors that cause a chainsaw to dull. One of the most common reasons is the sitting dirt and debris. Regardless of the cause, your tool must be re-sharpened as soon as they get dull. However, it may be difficult to know how soon is soon. Here are some ways to know when it is time for a chainsaw to get sharpened:

Chainsaw Does Not Self-Feed

Chainsaws usually self-feed. They do not require the holder to push against the object to cut through. When you notice this symptom, it might be the time for you to sharpen your tool.

Chainsaw Cuts Fine, Dust-Looking Debris

A well-performing chainsaw usually cut wood chips in clean, squared debris. As soon as you notice that the debris coming off from the tool looks fine, dust-like in size, you might want to get the chain sharpened already.

Chainsaw Starts to Look Shiny

A chainsaw does not normally look shiny and pretty. While this might get you excited, this is actually not a healthy sign. If you notice your chain looking all good and shiny, consider sharpening the tool.

If you notice one of these signs, you might want to sharpen your chain as soon as possible. Continuing to use the chainsaw even after seeing the signs would most probably put the tool at risk for further signs of deterioration. It may also make you at risk of undue stress or injuries from the use.

All of these having said, it is, therefore, very important to mend the tool as soon as the problems are detected. As said, one of the ideal tools to use when sharpening a chain is a chainsaw sharpener. But there are so many kinds of them. So before choosing one to use, you should know all the types and identify which ones are the best choice that suit your needs.

Which grinding tools you choose to sharpen your chainsaw chain

Kinds of Chainsaw Sharpeners

Sharpening a chainsaw is a challenging task. That’s why it is very important for you to choose a specific type to use. There are 3 basic kinds of chainsaw sharpeners. Each has different features, and you will decide which one you will need for your project. Let’s look at these 3 kinds of chainsaw sharpeners and find out which works best for you.

Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

Electric chainsaw sharpeners are used for maximum speed and efficiency. You clamp your chain in between the guide bars for a precise sharpening angle. These electric-powered devices are very easy to set up and operate.

Chain sharpeners also come with a chain guide and an angle adjustment provision to ensure you’re getting the most accurate angle and depth. Unlike most types of chain and chainsaw sharpeners, these devices let you adjust the grinding angle for many different chains.

Electric chainsaw sharpeners are available in a variety of brands and models. The electric type of chainsaw sharpener is more expensive when compared to other usual types in the market.

Handheld Saw Chain Sharpener

best chainsaw sharpeners - handheld chainsaw sharpener

Handheld variations of a chainsaw sharpener can be the right choice for those who prefer a manual kind of chainsaw sharpening tool.

Handheld chainsaw sharpeners are considered to be one of the best options in the market. They can, however, be a bit difficult to use to some people as they require more precision.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of different ways to use the tool. In cases when you do find the task of using this type of chainsaw sharpener difficult, you can always go to the internet and search how-to tutorials and sharpening techniques.

In terms of the price, they are one of the cheapest options to purchase.

Handheld types of chainsaw sharpeners come with a round file that runs over the tip of the chainsaw. The file, however, requires precise control in cutting the blade’s front edge so as not to damage the chain.

A handheld chainsaw sharpener may also use calipers to measure the teeth for uniformity purposes, sharpening the chainsaw with a clean finish.

This type of chainsaw sharpener is considered to be the cheapest on this list, but it sharpens a chainsaw with almost the same results as any other types. Using this type of sharpener is also quite easy as it only requires a relatively simple process.

However, the process requires more time compared to other types. Nevertheless, handheld types of chainsaw sharpeners is ideal for infrequent users. Don’t forget that wearing safety gears is a necessity when using this device.

Bench-mounted Chainsaw Sharpener

electric chainsaw chain grinding device

Bench-mounted chainsaw sharpeners are made to secure the chainsaw in such a way that the user can sharpen its teeth easily. Its filing angle can easily be adjusted. With the guide bar that helps you stay in line, there will be no need for you to have a fine hand precision.

Surely, a bench-mounted type of a chainsaw sharpener has plenty of features that make it a very effective tool to fulfill any chainsaw sharpening task.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying

Purchasing a chainsaw sharpener is not a very easy decision to make. After all, you are making an investment with your money. To save yourself from some kind of a post-purchase regret, you might want to make important pre-purchase considerations. Here are some important things you must consider before choosing the best chainsaw sharpeners :

satefy first when working with chainsaw chain

Safety Features

Safety is your priority when working with just about any kind of tasks. Thus, it’s only natural to include a tool’s safety features in making a purchase. If you choose an electrical chainsaw sharpener type, make sure that it comes with safeguards for protection.


The speed of a chainsaw sharpener is one important factor you need to consider upon your purchase. The higher the speed of a chainsaw sharpener, the more efficient sharpening result it can give. However, you may not want to prioritize this over other features.


Since you are making an investment in your purchase, you might just want to extend its use for a longer term. The chainsaw sharpener which you will choose must also be powerful enough to deal with such a great tool such as your chainsaw.


While this might not be a priority for everyone, the portability of a chainsaw sharpener may be important in plenty of different cases. For example, if you have cutting tasks out in the woods, away from your place, you’d want to bring with you all the necessary equipment for the task, including your chainsaw sharpener in case of the necessity. The portability of the tool will make things much easier for you.

Top 5 Chainsaw Sharpener Reviews

Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener may be one of the best chainsaw sharpeners when it comes to durability. This product, made of aluminium, is designed to be in high quality.

It also has a plus point in terms of speed as it can sharpen the tooth of a chainsaw faster than a regular chainsaw sharpener. It comes with a 3/16 carbide cutters that are interchangeable. The package also includes a durable carry case with a belt loop and shoulder straps.

Timberline chainsaw sharpener comes with a unique design. The tool clamps tight onto the blade bar and sharpens the teeth of the chainsaw as the chain is pulled through using the high-grade tungsten carbide cutter. It’s a good option for those who usually work on a farm or in the bush.


  • Sharpens chainsaw teeth in seconds - Timberline chainsaw sharpener has a kind of speed that sharpens teeth in only seconds.
  • Chainsaw teeth are sharpened with the same length and angle - Timberline chainsaw sharpener works in clean results. Every tooth is sharpened in the same size with the same length and angle.
  • Has high-quality aluminium - Designed in an aluminium machine, this chainsaw sharpener is in high-quality durability.
  • High portability - This tool can be taken anywhere, and it can sharpen a chainsaw anytime.
  • Easy to use - It does not require a lot of buttons to function, allowing users to easily use the tool.


  • Crook Cut - Timberline chainsaw sharpener tends to cut chainsaw teeth with crooked results.

Granberg chainsaw sharpener is a bar-mount type of chainsaw sharpener. It is available for most of the chain pitches. Designed by Elof Granderg, this tool is very famous in the industry among customers.

Granberg chainsaw sharpener has a high versatility on chain pitches. The tools also allow users to take different forms of chain designs. This may be among the best sharpeners on this list in the sense that it is applicable for plenty of different pitches. This feature allows you to save money from buying different types of sharpeners for different kinds of pitches. It is a very versatile tool for a chainsaw sharpener.


  • Made in California, USA - This product is known to come in high quality.
  • Quickly and easily sharpens chainsaw - It makes sharpening easier and quicker for users.
  • Versatile - Its versatility allows it to mount to any chainsaw with any file size.
  • Made of durable materials - Its durable materials include zinc-plated steel and cast aluminium.
  • Easy to use - It does not require a lot of buttons to function, allowing users to easily use the tool.


  • Weak in Pressure - The product’s hinge tends to be weak when pressure is directly applied.

If you want to look up a portable and versatile sharpener, Oregon 30846 is one of your decisions. It can work with 12-volt battery or through a converter for home using. It also comes with two sharpening stones.


  • High portability - With 12 volt battery, It can be taken anywhere.
  • High precision - It has a built-in depth gauge for high precision sharpening.
  • Easy to use - It is very simple to use.


  • Poor quality of sharpening stone - The sharpening stone is easily worn out.

Oregon 511AX chainsaw sharpener is a bench grinder type. It features built-in PowerSharp technology that allows users to sharpen the chainsaw teeth by pulling a lever. This kind of technology that Oregon features are a very famous technology as it saves plenty of time for the task.


  • Has comprehensive motor and electrical specifications - This product’s motor and electrical specifications include .038 horsepower, 3400 RPM direct-drive motor, 3 amp, 285 watts, 115V-Ac, and 60 Hz.
  • Can sharpen several pitch chain types - It can sharpen 3/8-Inch, 1/4-Inch, 1/2-Inch, 3/4-Inch and .325-Inch pitch chains.
  • High-quality grinding wheel - The grinder has three grinding wheels.
  • Comes with new adjustment capabilities - This tool comes with new adjustment capabilities for more accurate grinds.


  • Vice is not durable - The vice that holds the chainsaw is most likely to be broken as it is not durable enough. Thus, you have to be careful when using it.

STIHL 2 in 1 chainsaw sharpener features angled handles and guide bars that allow for easier use. It’s lightweight and allows you to sharpen your chainsaw anywhere.


  • Lightweight and portable - The tool is very lightweight and allows better portability.
  • Easy to use - With its angled handles and guide bars, this product is easy to use.
  • Sharpens chainsaw teeth with proper angle - The product’s handles and guide bars gives proper sharpening results.


  • Made of plastic - This product is made of plastic, which may affect its longevity and durability.

Final Thoughts - Best Chainsaw Sharpeners

Among the five chainsaw sharpeners introduced above, the best would be the Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener. Why?

Compared to the other product on this list, the Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener has the most number of features. It wins in terms of speed, durability, strength, portability, and safety.

It is made of high-quality durable materials that add up to its longevity rate. Unlike other products, it is not made of plastic. It is durable with its high-quality aluminium designed machine. It also produces the expected sharpening results, shaping the chainsaw teeth in the same size with the same length and angle.

Using Timberline chainsaw sharpener is easy to use. This product is lightweight, allowing better portability. It can be taken anywhere, and it can sharpen tools at any time. It also does not require plenty of buttons for control.

Do you agree with us? If you have more questions about the topic, you are welcome to send us your questions on the comment section below.

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