About Manoffamily

Hi, I’m Ethan Johnson – a mechanical engineer by day, and a DIY expert by night.

Getting a degree in mechanical engineering made perfect sense to me – everyone who knows me will tell you I’m all about gaining practical knowledge and problem-solving. Somewhere along the way, I’ve found a field to focus on – home improvement.

By doing all sorts of DIY projects – from woodworking to plumbing, and everything in between – I’ve gathered a pretty impressive experience in that department over the years.

And what better way to put that knowledge to good use than to share it with the rest of the world, right? 

That’s how Man Of Family came to be – the idea was to create a place for me to share all my DIY tips and tricks, and for you to find inexpensive, simple, and innovative ways to remodel and improve your home.

My goal?

Helping you create the best possible living space for you and your family – a home you’ll be proud of, and couldn’t imagine leaving - not now, not ever. Plus, at the end of the day, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing actual results of your labor, and being able to say:

I’ve built that with my own two hands! 

Man Of Family